Hi friends, I’m Carrie. I’m wife to a math teacher and mom to three girls.

I love books, coffee, and Michigan’s four seasons.  Job titles I’ve held include communications coordinator, youth librarian, school secretary, and inventory control specialist (a fancy term for shipping & receiving at a bookstore).  In case you’re a fan of personality types like I am, I’ll also tell you that I’m an ISFJ and an Enneagram 9.

As I settle into my mid-30s, I’ve begun to explore what it means to thrive in my life, instead of just survive. I have friends who bounce from one activity to the next, for themselves or for their kids, and wear the badge of “busy” like it’s an honor.

I’ll admit there sometimes are aspects of their lives that appeal to me, but I approach those things with caution (and sometimes I do plunge in after weighing my options!). I’ve learned ways to truly enjoy the big and the little things in life and live intentionally. My family and friends are important to me, but so are simplicity and rest.

I don’t consider myself a “minimalist”, at least not in the current definition of the buzzword. I enjoy things. I enjoy activities. Sometimes I even enjoy busyness. What I hope to accomplish in this space is to share stories of how I’m finding balance.

I’m tired of being tired. I want to spend my days in the sweet sunshine, living my life with purpose and intentionality. Will you join me?