Fresh start

When do most people resolve to start something new? In what month do gyms waive enrollment fees for new members? What is the best time of year to find your favorite book on habit-building on sale? January of course. After the chaos of the holidays, we flip our calendars and see the perfect … Continue reading

March quicklinks

Here's this month's short list of links I've enjoyed recently. Some were published this month, others have been around for awhile and I've only just discovered them, but most have some connection to seeking simplicity and rest. Or are just fun. When it comes to simplicity and rest, I enjoy … Continue reading

All or something… part two

In this post earlier in the year I brought up the idea of switching from an "all-or-nothing" to "all-or-something" mentality. In that case it was regarding exercising (guess what? I've since kept up with going to the gym anywhere from 1-4 times a week, depending on schedule and … Continue reading